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Investment Readiness


Things to consider and have prepared when applying for investment. Please note that this is just a guide and that depending on your business and stage of development all things listed may not be relevant.


  • Financials from the last 2 quarters

  • Cap Table

  • Valuation

  • Runway and Burn Rate

  • Operating Budget

  • Government Funding

  • Minimum Investment Ask

Market Fit and Customer:

  • Competitors

  • Go to Market Plan

  • Customer Agreements

  • # of Customers

  • Ideal Customer


  • Employee Bios

  • Percentage of Team in Cape Breton

  • Org Chart

  • Employee Agreements


  • Security and Cyber Security

  • Patent Information

  • Industry Reports

  • Exit Strategy

  • KPIs

Download the Checklist here

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